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Warning About Hubble Contact Lenses

Thinking about ordering Hubble contact lenses?



Hubble lenses are appealing to patients because of their low price and daily disposable convenience.  They are also notorious for filling expired contact lens prescriptions illegally, and using fake prescriptions from made-up doctors or doctors that have never seen the patients getting the lenses, allowing patients to avoid recommended eye examinations that are important to ensure good ocular health with contact lens wear.  While I agree that dailies are a great option for contact lens wear, the material used by Hubble is both outdated and dangerous to long-term eye health.

The contact lenses sold by Hubble are made from a material called Methafilcon A.  This material was sold in the 1980’s and I haven’t fit a patient in it for many years.  Old plastics like this do not have good oxygen permeability (Dk).  Oxygen diffusion through the contact lens is important because the cornea (the surface of the eye upon which the contact lens rests) doesn’t normally get oxygen from the blood like other body tissues; it relies on oxygen from the atmosphere.  Studies have show that the cornea requires that contact lenses have a Dk of at least 24 to avoid hypoxia and edema (oxygen deprivation and swelling) and as high as possible to allow for comfortable, all-day wear without redness or fatigue.   Hubble contacts have a Dk of 18.  Oasys 1 day, one of my favorite daily disposables, has a Dk of 121.

In addition to oxygen permeability, other advances in contact lens materials have made for better comfort and eye health, and some even offer UV protection.  Also, Hubble lenses do not correct astigmatism or have multifocal/bifocal options.   I don’t think many of my patients are using 1980’s cell phone technology, and I wouldn’t expect them to want me to fit them in old contact lens materials either.  It’s also possible to get newer daily disposable lenses cheaper than Hubble,  particularly with use of annual supply rebates.  BioTrue dailies, another great newer, healthier option, has a Dk of 42, UV protection, and an annual supply rebate of $100, making it very affordable.

Lastly, I want to make it clear that I believe very strongly that a yearly eye examination is important to making sure your eyes are handling contact lens wear well.  I can identify problems or threats to your vision and eye health long before you might have symptoms.   Supporting shady companies that value profits over eye health, and that blatantly disregard FDA regulations to make sales is going to make future contact lens innovation by good companies more and more difficult.  I would not fit myself or my family in Hubble lenses, and I refuse to fit patients in them as well.

I look forward to seeing you all in 2018!

Dr. Roxanna Potter